**Help Center to Support (Updated)**




  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Known Issues

    1. Modal window 'Confirm your action' is sometimes empty while removing the users' content from the Help Center.

      Environment: Chrome
      Solution: reload all apps or reload the tab.
  • Larisa Moore

    Hi, I'd like a little more clarification about how this works. When a community post or comment is automatically turned into a ticket, does the agent's reply (through the ticket) get posted back onto the community?

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Larisa,

    Right. This is exactly the way the app works.

    We had to temporarily suspend the beta as we discovered an issue with some beta tester accounts. We are investigating on this and will do our best to fix it asap to get back to beta testing. Please stay tuned.

  • Larisa Moore

    Great! Please keep me posted, this has been a huge frustration for us with Zendesk as multiple agents answer customer queries in the community and new comments in an existing thread are often missed.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys! Any news on when this is going to be back up and running?

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Jessie,

    Thank you for asking. The issue was more tricky to find and solve, so now we are testing the app internally under high load. Hope to get it back for beta in a couple of days.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hooray! I'm looking forward to being able to play with it again. :)

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Great news everyone! :-)

    We have released the updated version of the app hcs-zendesk-31082016_06.zip.
    Please, download it and update: Apps → Manage → Help Center to Support → Update.

  • Bernie Thompson

    Hi Kiryl,

    We don't seem to have a "automatic content moderation" option in our Help Center settings. See attached screenshot. Is it spam filtering that we need to disable?

    Thanks for working on this essential functionality to support ticketing for help center customer interactions!


  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Bernie,

    Thank you for your interest!

    Here is how 'Features' section looks on our side.

    IMPORTANT! The application may be not working these days as we are right now fixing its backend. Normally, even if activated and not working properly, the app should not affect the core functionality of Zendesk. If it's not the case, please let us know asap.

    When the problem is fixed you will see the tickets created via 'Help Center to Support'.

  • Bernie Thompson

    Hi Kiryl - We hit that problem (the app was blocking ticket saves), and had to disable the app for now. Will look again when this is fixed.  Thanks!

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Bernie, 

    Thank you for reporting the issue. We will also suspend your account until we have a fix. Hope it won't take long.

  • Larisa Moore

    Hi, I'm trying to install this and I'm stuck at step #3. Do you mean, open a new ticket in my support site and open the Apps panel? I did that and nothing shows up. I did follow steps 1 and 2. Help Center to Support shows up when I go to Apps > Manage so I know it's installed.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Larisa,

    I'm very sorry to tell it, but we are still working on a major update of the backend that we plan to release very soon. Now the application may not behave as expected. So, please, stay with us and we keep you posted as soon as the update is released.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    We just updated the server of the app and the beta is back again! So, we can switch your accounts back on one by one. Please, let me know who is ready to test it.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka



    We are stoked to tell you that we have fixed all known major issues in our application. Now 'Help Center to Support' is fully operational and ready to host new testers!

    If some of you have troubles with onboarding, feel free to contact us and we will help you to set it up.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    For the moment our app discards the styles in the messages send through the ticket to Help Center. We will fix it soon, but now we recommend to not add empty lines between the sentences. 



  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    Some of our users have reported an issue with submission of some tickets which haven't been created by the app with the following system notification:

    This app has prevented the submission of the ticket. For more information, please contact the Zendesk administrator who installed this app.


    • OS: Mac
    • Browser: Chrome

    If some of you have also encountered the same problem, please switch off the application in the admin panel (but do not uninstall it) and report the bug here or via email.

    We are investigating on this and will notify you about the progress.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    We just released the update of the application, which contains the following fix:

    • multiple lines sentences in the answers from agents are shown as expected when published in the Knowledge base;
    • (UPD) multiple lines sentences in the answers from agents are shown in one line but with spaces when published in the Community.

    Download and update the application to apply the fix. If the issue with the style remains, please delete the application and install it again.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    Dear testers,

    UPD. To improve application stability and security of the application we took the decision to migrate it to new server. So the app will be off until November 4.

    We will be carrying maintenance works on the server that will last until Nov. 4. During this period the application will not be working. Please, switch it temporarily off to avoid annoying system notifications in Zendesk. We will inform you when the application becomes operational.

    Thank you for your comprehension.

    BuckleApp Team

  • Larisa Moore

    Hi Kiryl, the app is asking me to sign up again, even though I already did that after installing the new version last week. Do I need to delete and install again? I was expecting just to sign in today, not sign up.

    Also--do all agents need to sign in to the app individually, or does the admin sign-in turn it on for everyone?

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Dear Larisa,

    Sorry for that inconvenience, but the app is not working today because of the maintenance work on our server. You can switch the app off until we update the server. Normally tomorrow it will be operational again.

    As for the login, the current version of the app uses technical login, which means that agents have to sign in individually using the credentials (the same for all agents) that the administrator set up while registration process. 

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    App is back to live, but we are still having some works that may result in sporadic, but not long unavailabilities of service. So you can proceed with beta testing.

    Please note that current time window between the updates (posts from/to Help center) is about **4 minutes**.

    For those, who have tried to changed credentials during the maintenance period and now can't login with them, please change them again and try login. Feel free to contact me if you fail.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka


    Dear beta testers!

    You've certainly noticed that the application was never working properly and wasn't working at all the last month…

    The bad news. We had to switch to another application that will be release very soon and thus, we've got to pause the development of this app. So, we recommend you to uninstall the app and delete the API keys used for HCS, if you haven't done it yet.

    The good news. We plan to come back to Help Center to Support in Q1'2017. So, please, don't leave this community and we promise to keep you posted.

    As this year is coming to its end, our entire BuckleApp team joins in wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year! *<:-)

  • Keiron Smith

    Hi Buckle, 

    If the app is suspended then you should say so at the very beginning of this product beta offer + discussion.

    Respect our time & energy.


  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hi Keiron,

    Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for advice. We updated the article.

  • Kiryl Shafarenka

    Hello guys,


    We've revamped 'Help Center to Support' (now it's called 'Guide to Support') and we are ready to pilot it in a closed beta. If you are interested, please read the articles with a description of the app and if you are OK with the current version, apply for beta testing.

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